Secure your presale spot and airdrop allocation. Join one of the Most Innovative NFTfi Project on Polygon: The Yield Ones

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5 min readJan 19, 2023


Secure your spot on our pre-sale list!


Join here: — complete a few quests (join Discord, follow Twitter, etc) — claim the presale quest (step 1) — join our Discord to validate your wallet (step 2). That’s it.

Yield Ones NFT provides a multitude of benefits for its holders. You will need one to participate in Community Market.

Community Market is a next generation real yield protocol, this means that the liquidity incentives come primarily from the protocol generated fees.

As a liquidity provider, you’ll be able to earn real yield generated from swap fees on Community Market DEX.

As a user, you’ll be able to gain rewards when you swap tokens on our DEX.

Both of these actions are combined through gamification, with Yield Ones NFTs able to level up and become more valuable, providing even higher APR to liquidity providers and additional rewards to users.

Join Crew3 and Secure Your Presale Spot

By joining our Crew3 program and fulfilling quests, you’ll be able to secure your pre-sale spot for Yield Ones NFT and increase your airdrop allocation of our native token, $REALYIELD.

Limited available presale

With limited spots available on a first come first serve basis, you’ll want to earn XP in order to level up in our system and claim your pre-sale spot starting from level 6.

After claiming the presale access role, head over to our Discord and verify the wallet you want to have whitelisted for our mint.

How to get on Crew3 and what are the quests?

Crew3 is a platform designed to help web3 communities drive growth and engagement to their community. It allows access to a dashboard of multiple quests that you can fulfil to receive rewards and benefits.

You can join our community Crew3 here:

Here is an overview of our questboard

After you join our Crew3 you should see our questboard.

We have multiple categories of quests and these are subject to change as we may add more.

You can join our questboard here:

Start with the “How to Crew3 Quests”

These are our set of “tutorial” quests. They are designed to help you get accustomed to Crew3. You don’t really need to do anything besides reading them and claiming them. Once you do, you should earn enough XP points to move you to level 3, which unlocks the next set of quests!

Move on to the Starter Quests to level up faster

Starter quests are simple quests that you can do to on-board yourself to the Community Finance ecosystem.

They include actions like following us on Twitter, Joining our Discord. Introducing yourself on Discord, claiming Discord roles, etc.

If you complete all these quests, you should earn enough points to level up to level 6, which will allow you to secure a pre-sale spot!

Quick! Get to the Presale Quests.

The Presale Access Role quest is claimable at level 6.

Once you claim this quest (Step 1), your earn the presale access role, you can now go on our Discord and verify your presale wallet, once you verify your wallet you unlock the claim the Airdrop Role quest. This quest gives you access to a 50 000 $RY Airdrop allocation (Step 2).

If you have joined our Discord as well, you will automatically receive a Presale role and your name should change to green on our server.

If you have any questions you can always open a support ticket in our Discord server and rest assure that you will be well taken care of.

How to claim your pre-sale spot

Once you unlock level 6 you can hit the “claim reward” button on the Presale Access Role (Step 1) quest.

You got the presale role, what’s next (step 2)?

Head over to our Discord and verify your presale wallet here.

Step 2 allocates you the Airdrop role for the future Airdrop, exclusive to Yield Ones owners.

And then?

You’re good, you got the spot!

But there’s more to do then sit and wait for March 31!

Owners of a Yield Ones NFT will receive airdrop allocation of $RY — REALYIELD once we launch the platform.

But not all airdrops will be equally distributed.

You can earn more by completing additional quests that increase your $RY Airdrop allocation!

Earn More Rewards with Crew3 Invites

By inviting more people to join Crew3, you’ll earn huge allocations of XP and $REALYIELD.

The first 15 members to reach 30 invites will even have the chance to claim a freemint, and they’ll also have multiplied their airdrop allocation of $REALYIELD.

Join the Crew3 community today!

You can join our community Crew3 here:

Check our Discord for updates on quests and join our Discord here:

In summary

The Yield Ones NFT is a unique and innovative “NFTfi” project on Polygon, the NFT allows you to provide liquidity and earn rewards on the DEX, it also has the ability to level up, the more you level up, the more valuable it becomes, and the more rewards you earn.

By joining the Crew3 program and completing the quests, you will be able to secure your pre-sale spot, and gain access to the pre-sale of the NFT.



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